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    The Fabric

    Chainstitched wool on an antique cream background, Tangdar is a statement-making design using the bold-but-muted colour palette which works so well in historic homes.  Our artisans have used large and striking outline and fill-in stitches to produce work which speaks to centuries of crewel design while adding a contemporary edge.  Large petal heads inlaid with a striking cross-hatch add density and richness to the overall effect, in contract with the light cotton ground.

    Tangdar sits in the colour families of green, blue and red; those primary colours placed at equal distance around the colour wheel, but uses a delightful palette of secondary and tertiary colours. It is made of the muted hues that fill the gaps in the colour wheel: moss, teal, duck-egg, dusky rose, nutmeg, maroon, giving the decorator opportunities to incorporate all kinds of colours into their scheme.


    As a bedhead, ottoman, footstool, bedspread or wall hanging, Tangdar provides a striking centre-piece for building a design. As curtains or blinds, Tangdar’s antique cream background is capable of fitting into an existing room, and the muted tones coordinate with many different colour schemes. It is adaptable fabric which suits a simple wooden curtain pole and a delightful acorn finial, perhaps drawn over a draughty door to the garden or back yard. It is equally at home in a drawing room with an elegant pelmet or a perfectly toning trim or braid down the leading edge of the curtain, lending itself to the detail of a well-designed set.


    The natural fibres of the cotton duck background cloth are accommodating to changes in temperature, moisture and light. In a period property it is important to use natural fibres wherever possible, because the environment will change with the seasons and the weather, and your fabric, like your house, will change with them. The creaks of the floorboards, and the whisper of the curtains give your house the character which makes it a home.


    Updating the traditional tree of life design, with its trailing stems and floral motifs, Tangdar is a contemporary celebration of craft with its use of different embroidery stitches. “In craft there are no mistakes, just unique creations”. It is is a joyful creation of pattern, colour and nature.


    Fabric width: 150cms (59ins)
    Embroidery width: 141cms (55.5ins)
    Pattern repeat: 74cms (29ins)
    Composition: 100% wool embroidery on 100% cotton ground.

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