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    The Fabric
    Mandlana is a tactile and textured crewel work fabric with a strong linen background. Like our Bishna fabric, Mandlana is set apart by the loose weave of the linen backcloth. You can see each stitch of the background, giving it a very natural and highly textured appearance – the fabric version of jute or sisal (but much softer!).

    Mandlana’s embroidery uses a simple colour palette of natural shades ranging from cream to oatmeal, through cinnamon to a richer nutmeg brown. The floral motifs are a tonal leap to the red spectrum using a deep magenta to punctuate the natural colours. All the colours are those you would find in your garden, and as such, bring a shot of colour in a subtle way.

    Interior designers use Mandlana when they are trying to enliven a neutral palette. It works as well with the dark wood found in historic properties as it does with the lighter wood and painted surfaces found in a contemporary environment.

    The History

    Crewel embroidery on a linen ground has been worked in Europe since the early medieval period. It is now more commonly found on a cotton background, but we wanted to include this Mandlana linen in our collection because is offers something truly different to most of the fabrics on the market.

    We also wanted to offer a choice for the more eco-conscious; the method of producing linen fabric from the flax plant uses less water than it does to produce the same amount of cotton.

    Mandlana is named after a village in the Northern Indian state of Haryana.

    As a natural fibre, our linen will adapt to suit the environment of your home.

    We love to see Mandlana in new build oak-framed houses, often bathed in light from their contemporary glazing and well suited to a neutral scheme. We find that Mandlana works beautifully with the natural wood.

    Mandlana is also a great fit for a contemporary home that would benefit from the addition of some character. To add colour without making a bold statement, Mandlana is a great way to add layers.

    Embroidered by hand with natural variations, please contact us for exact measurements and a stock cutting.

    Fabric width – 134.5cms (53ins)
    Embroidery width – 129.5cms (51ins)
    Pattern repeat – 110cms (43.5ins)

    Composition: 100% wool embroidery on 100% linen ground.

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